This is the heart of the cleaning system! The canister safely cleans the inside, outside, and base all at the same time. With these canisters you will own equipment that can clean as well, if not better, than the professionals.

This canister took over two years to design and perfect. It is composed of a unique blend of nylon, stainless steel, vinyl, rubber, polyethylene, and PVC. It was designed for simplicity, durability, ease of use, ease of cleaning, self-centering of all types of objects without modification, and most importantly, professional cleaning results regardless of the original condition of the item.

The canister is available in two types of material - clear PVC and white PVC. Both have 1/4" walls and should last for many years with normal use. The advantage of the clear PVC is most significant during the loading process. It allows you to see that the correct amounts of copper and water have been added and that the stopple units are inserted properly to insure the correct positioning of the item. After the item has tumbled for 20 minutes or so, the canister will be completely filled with a dark foam through which you will no longer be able to view the item. The clear tubes will retain their transparency throughout their lifetime with some slight outside hazing due to dirt and dust scratching from the rollers.

Canisters are available in 3, 4, 5, and 6 inch inside diameters. Why all the different sizes? - a 2" bottle could be cleaned in a 6" canister, however, the amount of copper that would be needed would be significantly heavier than necessary and the additional weight could cause damage to the item. The largest item that should be cleaned in any given canister would have a diameter 1" less than the inside diameter of the canister. If any part of the item is closer than 1/2" from the inside of the canister wall, the item would not clean properly and copper could wedge between the wall and the item possibly causing breakage. The average tumbling time for normal "sickness" is 3 days.

All canisters 4" and larger have optional stopples to hold the mouth of the item being cleaned. The all purpose stopple can be used on all items with a mouth. The bottle stopple is designed to hold smaller mouthed items (i.e. bottles, inks, smallmouthed jars). The advantage of a bottle stopple is that it will require less copper during the cleaning process. Specialty stopples are also available for use on any glass item that does not have a “mouth” (i.e. insulators, paper weights - anything solid). It will be used in conjunction with the same finger unit to hold the base.

Other specialty accessories for the canisters are also available such as pontil adapters to protect those very precious pontil marks.